Us and the NDIS

Care Kitchen was established in November 2014, and since it’s inception has been a great success for local youth with intellectual impairments. Jane, the Co-ordinator has over 30 years experience as a chef, and over 10 years experience teaching the Disabled Cookery classes at TAFE.  Jane also runs her own catering business, and has been known to employ the services of Care Kitchen’s participants where possible.  We are very fortunate to have her expertise and guidance to ensure Care Kitchen’s success.

We are not registered as an NDIS service provider, however many of our students are using NDIS funding to access our program.  Those who are Self Managing their NDIS package, or those who have a Plan Manager can use NDIS funding to attend our program.  There are several places in your NDIS funding package you can use your money from including Core Supports.  Contact us or your Plan Manager or your Supports Coordinator for more details.

One concern for Care Kitchen’s potential participants in the past has the costs to the students.  Our program currently does not receive any funding from The Department of Communities or any other Government body.   We currently rely on the cost of the program (Hire of the commercial kitchen, cost of the co-ordinator and ingredients etc.) to be shared amongst the participants.  We have received donations to compensate the fees and the students and their families have fundraised to make the cost cheaper, and to assist with purchasing of equipment required to successfully run such an enterprise.

With the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme brings with it wonderful opportunities for new participants to enter the program. Any individual receiving NDIS funding can choose to include participating in Care Kitchen in their plan, along with necessary supports.  We hope to see greater involvement since the cost factor has been a hindrance limiting participants ability to attend.

Each new student is entitled to one “come and try” session for free.  This must be pre-arranged, and students are required to wear long pants, closed in shoes (pref. leather or similar) and their hair is to be tied back.  They are required to have a carer (paid, volunteer or family) attend with them until their knife competency has been established, and they are confident and able to attend by themselves. This will be determined by Jane the co-ordinator, the parent and carer if one is appointed by the family.

Care Kitchen now runs two days a week due to popular demand for 6 hours on a Tuesday or Thursday of each week, please contact us for more information on costs.   Further, the parents are encouraged to be a part of the committee, and they make most of the general operating decisions such as catering and fundraising commitments, equipment purchases and set future goals for the betterment of the program for the students progress.  

A uniform will be supplied (pants, jacket, apron and hat) and is to be returned in a clean and undamaged condition.

We are extremely pleased that this is not and has not been a 10 week program limiting students ability to learn new skills.  Some participants have been with us since the start of the program, and have built competency to a degree that they require limited assistance in reading recipes and creating their dishes.

If you are looking for a program where your loved one will learn meaningful skills in a program that can be adapted to suit most needs, then you have found it!

Please fill out an expression of interest form if you would like to visit for a “come and try” session  *pending availability.